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Dernière mise à jour : 30 nov. 2021

KéPESLAP - HyteParade (4mg Records 4MGMC06 / Falco Invernale Records FIRK01- 2021 - Cassette). Released October 14, 2021

The occasional electronic duo KéPESLAP is a joint project of Makina Girgir from France and ImiAFan from Slovakia. October 2021, their cassette "HyteParade" has been co-released on their own respective labels. It contains 5 new songs on the A side and on the B side there is a remastered edition, by today a rare 4 tracker EP of "Random Generator" remixes released back in 2010.

The remixes at that time were contributed by Charles Kent, Click Click and Legowelt. It is a limited edition of 100 cassettes. Each cassette contains a unique code on the included card to get the digital edition with the bonus track (Estevan intrumental version/ the original version was released on the 4mg Records 4MGLP16 compilation Wave Earplug 3 (2019)


Voice & Music: Imi Vegh Mix & Music: Makina Girgir Mastering: Miki Bernath Lyrics: A1 inspired by à;GRUMH... - In The Garden A3 by Eric Pis A4 fragments from Kovacs Kati - "Kérdés Önmagamhoz" by Szenes Ivan Other lyrics by Imi Vegh

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