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In our playlist today: Roman Angelos "Italian Soda"

Roman Angelos - "Italian Soda" (7")

Label: Happy Robots Records

Release date: 11 dec 2021

Happy Robots Records: "Come and take a trip to Sicily in the 1970s with Roman Angelos. Inspired by the likes of Ennio Morricone, Piero Piccioni, and Bruno Nicolai, the music of Roman Angelos evokes vintage Italian cinema alongside the grimy streets of Palermo. The title track of Roman’s newest single, "Italian Soda", serves up twangy surf guitars against bossa nova beats and operatic singing. The single’s B-Side, "Shocked In Sciacca”, is a gnarly funk number, calling to mind mustachioed detectives chasing a criminal through nighttime backstreets and alleys.

Roman Angelos is the nom de plume of Brooklyn-based producer, composer, and multi-instrumentalist Rich Bennett. The project of Roman Angelos was invented as a vehicle for Rich to explore his obsession with exotica, film scores and library recordings of the 60's and 70s. His debut album ‘Spacetronica Lunchbox’ made fans of Electronic Sound, Shindig!, Cerys Matthews and Stuart Maconie on BBC 6 Music among others.

Among his many talents Rich has worked as producer with many Happy Robots artists including SINOSA... afficher plus


Produced and performed by Rich Bennett"

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