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In our playlist today: Crooked Timbers "On This Ocean"

Dernière mise à jour : 17 nov. 2021

Crooked Timbers - "On This Ocean" (CD album) feat. Jean Honeymoon Label: Velvet Coast Records Release date: 9 oct 2021

Crooked Timbers: "Crooked Timbers is a collective of musicians, writers and artists led by songwriting and production duo Andy Alston (Del Amitri, Independent Group) and James Kirk (Orange Juice, Independent Group).

The eclectic group of singers and collaborators on songs include Justin Currie of Del Amitri, Ken McCluskey of The Bluebells, Frank Reader of Trash Can Sinatras, Graham Skinner of Hipsway, international singers such as Marilyn Carino (Mudville, David Byrne) and Rachel Joy Weiss, and Scottish based solo artists Monica Queen, Lavinia Blackwall and Rebecca Connelly. 
 The collective’s first release is a diverse, constantly surprising album release. The album’s 10 songs are lyrical collaborations, some drawn from19th-century (sources such as Scotland’s Broadside Ballads) and lyric poetry, and are infused with experimental jazz, California dream pop, orchestral flourishes, disco and ethnic rhythms. crédits

Written recorded produced and mixed by Andy Alston with James Kirk. Musicians include Scott Burrell, Raymond MacDonald, Kris Dollimore, Ian Harvie, Johnny Smillie and others

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