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Denner - She Radiates Darkness (2021) | Meidosem SEA021CD - 2022 - FR | Shades & Parasols (LP compilation)

DENNER "Shades & Parasols" SEA021CD – CD/DL – june 10th 2022 Marc Corlett (bass, guitar, synth, drum machine), François Houplain (synth), Gilles Le Guen (vocals), Yann Even (guitar) Recorded and mixed by Steeve Lannuzel at Raven Studio, Pouldouran, Britanny. Mastering: Bernard Marie Graphic design : Yves Bigot Photography : Frank Hurley, Australasian Antarctic Expedition, 1911-1914 Music : Marc Corlett – except She Radiates Darkness by François Houplain; The Kelp, Low Life and Life and Limb by Yann Even Texts : Gilles Le Guen – except A Stab of Loneliness, Haruki Murakami Infos: "Shades & Parasols" collects each of the three EP’s released during one year on Meidosem Records, all those tracks were recorded at Raven Studio in Britanny, far from urban moods. On that cd album you will find all the tracks from "Dreamless Tribulations" (january 2021), "Semi Monde" (may 2021), "Together in Obscurity" (november 2021). But the band has also fulfilled three bonus tracks as a special gift to followers of the band. Classic minimal coldwave with Sometimes, epic french new wave on Shades & Parasols and a moving orchestral version of Together in Obscurity arranged by François Houplain. The band wishes to thank Jennifer Mears from Tiers (NYC) for her vocals on Shades & Parasols. "Waiting on a Beach We Come from an Old World Tainted loves and Old Cold Sounds Standing on a Beach Faded Melancholy Behind Shades & Parasols" To the Wierd People References : Asylum Party, Trisomie 21, The Chameleons, Sad Lovers & Giants, early New Order, Clan Of Xymox, Drab Majesty... PRESS, PROMOTION & DISTRIBUTION (Dj’s, reviewers, wave files available on demand) contact : Meidosem Records catalogue available at : Back catalogue of Denner on Meidosem Records : SEA017EP Denner "Dreamless Tribulations" 12’’ EP ltd 300 ex. SEA018EP Denner "Semi Monde" 12’’ EP Ltd 300 ex. SEA019EP Denner "Together In Obscurity" 12’’ EP Ltd 300 ex. --------- An easiest and qualitative way to listen to both webradios on your mobile device is to use an application provided by one of our partners platforms (find the list in the « How to tune in » section).

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