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**Exclusive - from the upcoming "Tanz!" CD album, Unreleased** Das Auge - Torsioni | Unreleased - 2022 - NL | Tanz! (CD Album)

Das Auge, was born in 2016 to Hans Plasma, a founding member of the post-punk band Letatlin ( Das Auge is an experimental music project based on the coexistence of pop elements with electronic and sonic debris. After the two EPs "will they take us outside" from 2016 and "Sangre Rosa" from 2018 the new upcoming is"Tanz!" a full album (10 songs) completed in September 2022.

Composed and played by H. Plasma, with sincere thanks to Marc Mal de Vivre from Letatlin ( and Steve Smith for playing bass guitar and Natalio Sued for playing saxophone.

Torsioni is the only song from TANZ! which use the Italian language while all the album is in English.


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