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Alone - Clockroom | Tonal Shifts TS2 - 2022 - RS | Hourglass Escapee (CD album)

"hourglass escapee" is the 9th studio album by alone, a darkwave electronica project from belgrade, started in 1994. the album has been in development at cryogenically slow pace since 2007, then suddenly finalised in 2020/2021. Clocking in around a traditional double album's length, these 14 apocalyptic maximalist electronica songs speculate on the existence outside time and various possible end of the world scenarios. the track 'dominion of fractal' welcomes hans christa karte of antlers mulm as guest vocal.

"hourglass escapee" is released on tonal shifts in croatia as digital and CD album, housed in hand made cardboard sleeve designed by nieuw ndg, in 300 numbered copies.

"Vitković's dystopian, unearthly missives could be the soundtrack to some lost, deeply cerebral yugoslavian space movie" - electronic sound magaizne

video for the track "kost":

Developed at cryogenically slow pace since 2007,

suddenly finalised in 2020/2021

Voice and electronics by Nikola Vitković

except track 12 voice by Hans Christa Karte

Recorded at Vitebsk 1920

Sleeve Nieuw NDG

Kindly mastered by Miro P



digital download features 14 separate pieces of music

compact disc features 11 separate pieces of music - for technical reasons, some of the songs were arranged into one piece (1+2 / 4+5 / 11+12)

Both versions contain identical list of songs


An easiest and qualitative way to listen to both webradios on your mobile device is to use an application provided by one of our partners platforms (find the list in the « How to tune in » section).

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