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The Welt-Am-Draht mixes were broadcasted once a month thru the eponym german radio run by Charles Kent (from the Kommando 6 circle) from 2005 to 2013, with some of them re-broadcasted at CBS (pre-Intergalactic FM) at this time.

They explore a whole world of sounds. You’ll find a lot of electronics of course, but some episodes were actually more thematic and turn out as series covering some more specific styles like the « IDontLikeToDance series » focused on minimal synth, « DrasticPerversiöns series » on the industrial side or « Meridians Radio Series » inspired by the seminal tape label Touch 33 from the 80s.

This is a wide collection of vinyl records, sometime tapes, assembled for various moods and fluctuant vibes during all these exciting years.

Please enjoy traveling with us.


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