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Circuit d'Actes (radio)

Mellotronik brings together the different projects of Gautier Rossi (La Forme Lente, Circuit d'Actes (radio), Saintes Waves), Jean Roupech (Volubilis (radio), La Forme Lente, Circuit d'Actes (radio), Saintes Waves) and pHi (MAKiNA GiRGiR, Falco Invernale Records, Circuit d'Actes (radio)).


Circuit d’Actes (radio) is a webradio newly created by Gautier Rossi (La Forme Lente, Saintes Waves), Jean Roupech (Volubilis (radio), La Forme Lente, Saintes Waves) and pHi (MAKiNA GiRGiR, Falco Invernale Records).


Circuit d'Actes (radio) is dedicated to the Synth+Wave scene (Minimal Synth, New/Cold Wave, Post-Punk, Synthpop, EBM, Italo-space-disco, New Beat and more).

That stream and our website are places for discoveries /// Our aim is to promote the contemporary scene in the broad sense: bands, labels, upcoming releases, demos, events, venues, radios, DJs, ...


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Created in 2008 by Jean Roupech,

Volubilis (radio) is a French webradio based in Paris.

Its musical programming oscillates between:

Lounge, Groove, Cinematic Pop,

Easy Listening, Library Music, Soft Jazz,

Exotica, Space Age Pop, Psycho Beats,

Cosmic Archeotronics, Crime & Spy Music,  

Unidentified Sound Objects ...


A broad but homogeneous musical spectrum from outer melodic space.

Falco Invernale Records

Founded late 2008, the label sticks to an open minded artistic direction.
We release only stuff we like. Meaning no specific style except a hard inclination for 80s influenced and related stuff, with a consequent amount of synths and drummachines ;)
The goal is to explore once again the proteiform shapes in electronic music, from electropop/synthpop to soundtracky/dark electroid vibes, sometimes floor friendly, sometimes not ...
We want to make vinyl records as long as it's doable.
The releases will include a strong visual imprint exploiting the screen offered by the 12" cover sleeves.
Artwork made by Nils or by artists themselves.
The F.I.R. crew.



La Forme Lente

LA FORME LENTE, created in 2007, is an independent French label who aims at supporting New-Wave, Synthpop, Minimal-Synth, Synth-Wave and Electronic-influenced artists.

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