top of page brings together the different projects of Gautier Rossi (La Forme Lente, Circuit d'Actes (radio), Saintes Waves), Jean Roupech (Volubilis (radio), La Forme Lente, Circuit d'Actes (radio), Saintes Waves) and pHi (MAKiNA GiRGiR, Falco Invernale Records, Circuit d'Actes (radio)).

Our newly created common project is Circuit d'Actes (radio), dedicated to the Synth+Wave scene (Minimal Synth, New/Cold Wave, Post-Punk, Synthpop, EBM, Italo-space-disco, New Beat and more). The stream and the website are places for discoveries. Our aim is to promote the contemporary scene in the broad sense: bands, labels, upcoming releases, events, venues, radios, DJs, ...

The webradio player and the website allow the listeners to find information about the tracks that are currently playing, a commercial / info link, a visual and also the list of the previous tracks (in the « Radios » section). The playlist is based on a one track per artist policy, and is regularly updated. Our wish in the future is to gradually introduce shows, mixtapes, lives, etc.

You will find on Mellotronik the last news of our different projects, a page for each one and of course the webradio player for Lounge + Groove Volubilis (radio) !

An easiest and qualitative way to listen to both webradios on your mobile device is to use an application provided by one of our partners platforms (find the list in the « How to tune in » section).

Please help us to spread the word to a greater extent. We would really appreciate that you pass on the infos regarding our website/radio by sharing our link on your pages, networks, websites…

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